Saturday, July 28, 2007

You need to focus

So, I probably say this phrase several times a day in the course of my therapy sessions. Susatined attention and focus on the task at hand is quite difficult for kiddos with autism. Apparently, it is also quite difficult for me seen in my previous post, I have a lot to do...the list is actually quite longer than the one I posted too. But, I have yet to accomplish much this morning and I keep getting side tracked. I went to do some laundry, which happens to share space with my scrap room, and ended up sorting through piles searching for some supplies for Kerry's mini book....than I decided I wanted to make a shadow box, because I've had 2 sitting there waiting to be embellished for months...oh yeah, laundry, got that going....oops, tripped over the bag of scrap goodies from Dollar Tree I bought yesterday, maybe I should put that away....oh yeah, shadowbox....anyway this is the way my brain is working today!

I did however manage to complete 2 shadowboxes. Made one to commemorate the anniversary of Jessie and Tim, because I meant to post a congratulations on my blog and totally forgot, I will post a belated one now! Hope you like it Miss Jessie, it travels to OR with me in 5 days!

Because I really liked how it turned out, I decided to make one for myself. I actually used some of my Rockstar collection from SIS, which is really an accomplishment in itself.

They do look a bit better in person. Not the greatest photos. So, now I am off to hopefully check things off of my actual list and not get side tracked be new projects....first I should probably shower though....


Andrea July 31, 2007 at 11:18 AM  

These are so great Erin!! I know Jess will love hers and I suspect it will look perfect in their bedroom/bath area ... I'm sure that was not by mistake.

Now back to work ... you only have another day and a half!!

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