Monday, April 28, 2008

Little bits before bed

It's been a crazy couple of weeks in my life. Lots of stress and sad news. I spent the weekend cleaning, resting and being creative. I still feel like a need to recharge my batteries. Which is why bedtime is coming early this evening. Thought I do a quick update before shutting down for the night.

Here are some things I learned over the past couple of weeks:

*I should not consume agave...big, fat allergic reactions are no fun and a bit scary!
*bad news seems to happen all at once
*I have amazing friends...ok, so I new this already, just glad I have them when life is crazy
*I am not ready for summer...high 90's in April are no fun!
*stress can make you feel icky
*I should workout more
*just when I think they've created my favorite kit, studio calico goes and reveals another great one
*I shall be in a perpetual state of never being caught up with my to do list
*life's disappointments may be blessings in disguise
*happy mail can always put a smile on my face. Check out what arrived at my doorstep this week

I bought this from the fabulous Miss Andrea. Isn't it cute? She even made me a matching checkbook cover, which makes writing checks just a little bit more fun! You should check out her etsy store knitty bitties (on my sidebar) for some adorable little goodies.

Ok. It's time for bed. Good night.

Friday, April 25, 2008

I will miss her

I have worked with Laura for many, many years. I started seeing her as a fairly new therapist and she taught me to never underestimate my kids. She always amazed me with her willpower and her desire to participate and communicate, even though she had no words and limited ability to control her movements. Laura was an amazing child. She truly touched my heart. I will miss her beautiful smile and her unique ability to strum the guitar with her feet. No one else will ever appreciate my "wake up toes" song as much as Laura and I doubt anyone else will ever get so much joy from my rendition of the "Hokey Pokey." My heart goes out to her family, who has done amazing things in her honor. You can read more about Laura's legacy here. I am so fortunate to have had Laura in my life and I will miss her.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Because There's Never Enough Red

1. red dishes, 2. butterflies on a red dish, 3. new!, 4. Red Velvet Cupcakes with Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting, 5. Red fabrics from Purl Soho, 6. Red Fabric Tacks, 7. Red Gerbera Daisy, 8. Strawberries Red, 9. The Red Chair

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ten on Tuesday-April 15 version

So here's a reflection of today in ten:

1. Taxes suck
2. I hate taxes
3. Taxes suck
4. I hate taxes
5. Taxes suck
6. I hate taxes
7. Taxes suck
8. I hate taxes
9. Taxes suck
10. I hate taxes

Monday, April 14, 2008

52 Card Review

So I'm a few days late posting this little guy. I actually finished it last night. The prompt from me was "right now." I really just wanted an excuse to keep using this lovely SC limited edition stamp created by Fontwerks. It uses the SC font which is one of my favorites. I kept the front simple to showcase the stamp.

Here's the back. Also kept it simple. Oops, meant to add the date at the bottom...I'll have to go do that now.

Since we are about at our half way point with this challenge, I figured I should post a little recap of all prompts to this point. This will help our future guest prompters to know what's already been done and allow any of you to start your own 52 Card Scrap Up now or later when you have time. These would also be great journaling or topic prompts for scrapbook pages when you need a little inspiration. So here goes:

Week #1--Cover or Title Page
Week #2--Me Time
Week #3--Favorite Moment of the Week
Week #4--Sweet Treat
Week #5--Song Lyrics
Week #6--Thaksgiving
Week #6--Favorite Fall Drink
Week #7--Favorite Holiday Decoration
Week #8--Holiday Traditions
Week #9--Favorite Christmas Song or Holiday Music
Week #10--Favorite Moment from Christmas
Week #11--Favorite Christmas Present
Week #12--no prompt this week--inspired by your week
Week #13--New Year, New You
Week #14--January Bliss
Week #15--Struggle
Week #16--Friendship
Week #17--Memory from your Week
Week #18--Favorite Color
Week #19--Celebrate
Week #20--What's on your mind?
Week #21--Use something you would have thrown away this week
Week #22--How do you go green?
Week #23--Fresh
Week #24--no prompt--inspired by your week
Week #25--Right Now

This week's prompt, week #26, is "This Week I hope to..." I'll post mine on Friday. Stay tuned for 26 weeks of more challenges and prompts and several guest prompters.

Happy Creating!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Clean, Create, Cook

So there you have it, the 3 C's of my life. Although I think they should go in a different order. I mean, let's be honest, I'd much rather create stuff than clean any day! This weekend consisted of all of the above. I managed to do most of my cleaning and laundry Saturday afternoon, leaving my Saturday night (well, some of it anyway) and my Sunday free for playing and creating. Saturday night, Shawn went out with some car club guys, so I had the house to myself. I finished up the cleaning, put the finishing touches on an in process page, crafted a little birthday gifty for a friend, than climbed in bed with some knitting, TV and gelato. Good stuff!

Today I finally got to meet a couple of Studio Calico ladies. Ally and I have tried getting together before, but our schedules have not matched up. Finally I was able to meet up with her and her friends for a full day of scrapping fun. I had a great time and loved meeting these ladies. I actually managed to crank out a few pages and do some damage to my February Studio Calico kit, which I had yet to touch. It feels really good to use up stuff and to make pages I love. I even managed to combine two challenges together, the number challenge at SC and this challenge at the Design Experiment to create this page:

My other pages will have to be posted later. I'm too lazy to stitch my 12x12's together tonight.

Once home, I cooked a good dinner of roasted potatoes, herbed spaghetti squash and meatloaf for Shawn. I also finished my 52 Card from last week. Look for that post tomorrow. Hope you all had great weekends too!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Fresh and New

Today I finally got a haircut and color. I've been needing color for weeks due to the colossal screw up of my former colorist....anyway, saw a new girl for color and decided to chop off my hair. I was getting tired of long and ready for a change. My hair grows really fast, I know I'm lucky this way, so chopping off my hair doesn't really freak me out like it does most women. I do the long, short, long, short dance all the time. It's been long for awhile and it was time for a change. I pretty much told Janeen (she's been cutting my hair forever) to do what she liked as long as it would be easy to style. It's a bit shorter than I was picturing, but I think it's pretty fun. The pictures aren't the greatest, but it was the best I could do while losing my sunlight.

After my hair, I grabbed a quick sandwich and met my mom for a pedicure before seeing my one kid of the day. My toes are nice and cherry red once again. Gotta love a fresh pedi and brand new hair for lifting your spirits and making you feel all fresh and new!

Since I was busy all day, I have yet to finish my 52 card....stay tuned for that post tomorrow, plus a recap of all card prompts so far since the challenge started in October.

Happy weekend!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

good stuff

I decided to forgo the to do list this weekend. I was feeling a bit stressed out and tired, so I decided I needed to relax. So other than laundry, I didn't do much productive stuff this weekend. I did however, scrapbook. I managed to create a mini album and 3 pages. I used up a lot of scraps and odds and ends from older kits. Here's a page inspired by one by Celeste in my favorites folder at SIS. Gotta love scraps for making cute little flowers!

Yesterday I also felt like cooking. I made banana chocolate chip muffins and homemade macaroni and cheese. They were both delicious! I wore my cute new apron created by Andrea. I haven't taken a picture of myself wearing it yet, but it's on the to do list. You should definitely check out her etsy store. She has cute bags and aprons. I commissioned this lovely diaper bag for Stephanie's baby shower gift a couple of weeks ago. It was a hit!

Speaking of Stephanie. She and I had a lovely breakfast date this morning and both ate delicious pancakes with berries for her and apples for me. Yum! After breakfast, we headed to Super Target for a little baby shopping (her) and a few grocery (me). It was a lovely way to start my Sunday!

Since I failed to post on Friday, here's my latest 52 card. This week was a free week, with no prompt. So I chose to proclaim my love for spring time on my card. Spring really is wonderful here in AZ. I have a garden full of flowers, the road sides are covered in wildflowers and the weather is incredible. Too bad allergies come with all the blooming and those heavenly scented orange blossoms!

I so love these little cards for using up bits and pieces I have laying around on my scrap desk. These flowers were made from little pieces of leather scraps I had sitting in a bowl on my desk. I love using things up!

Here's wishing you a happy spring week!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

World Autism Awareness Day

Tomorrow is World Autism Awareness Day
April is Autism Awareness month.
If you haven't already, please take the time to get informed about autism.
Autism effects 1 in 150 individuals.
I see twenty something of these kiddos each week.
They are my heart and soul.
They need your love and support.
They need a cure.

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