Friday, April 30, 2010

The Case of the Missing Blogger

I've been MIA lately, here's a quick look at what I've been up to:

I had a wonderful trip to Oregon. Tulip fields, girl time, wine, Wild Pear, bridal shower fun, craftiness, Tidal Raves, rainy coast, baby love, Busick Court....pretty much anything a girl could ask for. Stay tuned for more OR photos and some more week in the life documenting.

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Photo Minimalist

Apparently today was not a good day for photos. I only took 41, which is way more than I normally take, but not nearly enough for this project. I even had the perfect opportunity for good photos of my mother, Ellen and Kellie at lunch, but did I take them? Maybe I was too cold, it was awfully chilly with the wind today. It's a shock to the system to go from 91 degrees yesterday to 68 degrees today. Maybe its because my sister complains and calls me the paparazzi and my husband shakes his finger at me whenever I come stick a camera in his direction....whatever, I will do better tomorrow...or so I hope.

Here's a peek at Wednesday:

7:15 wake up
morning routine
talked with mom
session 1--he was a little off today
session 2--yes, he has a drum on his head. Silly, silly today.
session 3
meet mom, Ellen and Kellie for lunch at Arcadia Farms
it took so long for our food to come, I had to eat my salad in 3 minutes and take my tart to go. Bummer.
session 4
post office to mail a package
home to pack for OR
talk to Kellie
talk to Jessie
not hungry for dinner
eat PB and graham crackers
computer time

on tap for tonight: hand out with Shawn and Ellen, watch criminal minds, bed early?

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I'll start with an update for later Monday night, after I posted:

face mask (I took pictures)
read chapter in Tools for Teaching
watched Army Wives
Shawn tried to convince me to watch Castle, but I fell asleep

Less photos today than yesterday. Here's a peek:

Today's events:

up at 7:15
morning routine
cereal and berries
practicum...early today...worked on CVC words and played a word game...silly kiddos
home again
computer time
snack of crispy brown rice bars and graham crackers and PB
water the plants
made pasta salad for dinner
assignment 1 for reading class
lunch of leftover quiche
made bridal shower mini album
watch virtual practicum and finish assignment for classroom management
meet Karen at Pop shop to pick up book
on empty, get gas
session 1
sessions 2 and 3 at same house
head home
dinner and TV with Shawn and Ellen
NCIS/computer time

still to come: Parenthood, read and sleep.

Happy Tuesday.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Week in the Life 2010

I've decided to play along with Ali E's Week in the Life yet again. I did this in 2008 and love to look back at this album. This is not exactly a typical week for me, as I'll be going out of town and not doing my usual routine. But figured I'd be more likely to get this done if I had others playing along with me. The best thing I did last time I did this album was to document each day on my blog. I didn't actually get around to finishing the album until months later, so it was really helpful to have my blog to look back on.

So here's Monday in a nutshell:

Today I:

got up around 7am
got ready to go, ate breakfast and checked in online (the usual morning routine)
I ate cereal with blueberries and soy milk for breakfast
headed to my practicum...was 5 minutes late due to construction traffic
tutored 2 kiddos, assessed their reading abilities
headed to Target to pick up a few supplies
decided to figure out what reading/phonics materials I already had
which led to impromptu reorganization and purging of work materials
filled 2 bags with recycle and one with trash
ate yogurt, blueberries and granola for lunch
reorganized work stuff in my car
redid work folders and cards
organized and prepped materials for tutoring
read lesson 1 for ed psych
ate mint chocolate chip ice cream :)
talked to mom, asked her about me learning to read...I can't remember at all
started dinner...a modified version of this recipe
talked to Kellie while getting dinner in the oven
which is why I forgot to add the feta
added the feta and cooked a bit longer
more computer time
printed stuff for tutoring and several knitting patterns
upload photos and blog

Happy Monday!

Friday, April 16, 2010

I Do Still Scrap

Turns out I do still scrap, I'm just not great about sharing. I've been squeezing my scrapping in when I can, usually in ten to fifteen minute bursts of creativity. This page actually sat on my table for probably a week, while I added things here in there in five minute increments. I used my leftovers from the Strawberry Fields kit from scrap for a cure.

Finally got around to scrapping my Project 12 page for if I could get one done for March...Used an old Studio Calico kit, center stage, to create this fab color combo. I'm totally into gray these days.

This page was my challenge page for last weekends crop at SFAC. I used the current mini kit, Mixed Mediums to scrap this adorable photo of my cousins little boy.

The bulk of the kit I used to make this fun banner. Having a hard time figuring out where to hang it though. Sadly, I do not have a mantle so I have to improvise. This banner is really heavy because of the chandelier bobbles, so in my usual hanging spots it wouldn't stay put.

I just happened to have these green cupcake liners in my scrap space. They were bought at the dollar store and they stick to baked goods, so they got relegated to crafting. I think they added the perfect touch to this banner. I will be posting a tutorial on how to make this banner next week at SFAC.

This is the only page I managed to complete during the crop last weekend. It was a spring sketch challenge. Here's mine:

Happy Friday!

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