Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Recap

Truth be told, I started this post on December 30th. It's now January 16th and a bit late for a 2011 recap. I hate to let all the work on this post go to waste, so here goes...2011 remembered:


  • Pretty much consisted of school work, lesson planning, crafting and baking.
  • Shawn celebrated his 33rd birthday.
  • Chinese New Year festival
  • Found out we were having a boy :)
  • Maternity clothes shopping and baby room planning.

  • New windows in the house
  • Registering for baby stuff
  • Contemplating baby names
  • Grad school projects

  • Decided on the name Aiden Matthew
  • My baby shower
  • Hanging with Jessie and Nicole
  • Citrus and berry obsession

  • School baby shower
  • End of school year
  • Maternity Photo Shoot


  • Shawn and I spent our 5th wedding anniversary in Sedona.
  • Our niece Camryn was born (on our anniversary).
  • Finished my classes and got my regular teaching certificate.


  • Aiden made his debut and changed our world completely.
  • Baby, baby, baby 24-7 and loving it.


  • Aiden's first vacation to Greer, AZ.
  • Jessie and Eloise visit and meet Aiden
  • I completed my M. Ed.

  • More baby, baby, baby and lots of little outings to visit people, shop and lunch


  • I celebrated my 34th birthday.
  • I went back to work after maternity leave.
  • Pumpkin patch and Aiden's first Halloween.

  • Aiden's first airplane trip to spend thanksgiving in Chicago with Shawn's family.


  • Aiden visits Santa Claus
  • Aiden's first Christmas
2011 was a big year around here. Here's hoping 2012 brings us more great things.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

5 Months

Aiden will be 6 months in 11 days...about time I posted a 5 month update. December has been kind of a crazy month, so we just got around to taking photos. It may also have had something to do with Mommy's delay in knitting a hat she wanted to use in December photos. I didn't finish it until after Christmas, but it was definitely worth waiting for in my opinion. Super cute, right?

At five months Aiden:

-is wearing mostly 6 months clothes, though he still fits in a few 3-6 month things
-not sure exactly what he weighs, but he is getting bigger by the minute
-is eating about 10 oz and a little cereal while Mommy is at work and every 3-4 hours when she is home
-is quite interested in any food or drink you might have near him
-is still sleeping only 4 hours or so at a time (he likes to eat) and often ends up in bed with Mommy

-is sucking his thumb
-is chomping on everything and drooling like a mad man
-I'm pretty sure we are working on a tooth

-is rolling and scooting all over the floor
-is wanting to stand up often
-is sitting up by himself, sort of. He can do it on the couch or in your lap pretty well, but only for a few seconds on the floor
-loves being upside down

-likes rough and active play
-is very ticklish, especially under his chin
-thinks peek a boo and silly noises are the best thing ever
-shakes his head side to side like he's saying "no" and thinks its pretty funny

-still loves Sophie the giraffe and his assorted blanket animals
-thinks spinning toys and music toys are pretty great
-often freezes and listens intently when he hears music (that's my boy)
-enjoys being outside
-loves his bath and being naked
-still has his tongue out all the time
-is about the cutest thing you ever did see

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Aiden's first Christmas seems to have come and gone with a blur. We had a good holiday, enjoying plenty of time with family. Christmas eve was spent at my parents having our traditional Christmas gumbo (thanks to my time in New Orleans) and Christmas crackers (thanks to a holiday spent in England). Sadly, I have no pictures of everyone in their Christmas crowns. I do however, have a picture of Mr. Aiden in his cute Christmas sweater vest.

Look at those rosy little cheeks. Love! Aiden also enjoyed hanging out with his great grandparents. I am so thankful for this great picture I happened to catch in the midst of several less than stellar shots.

Christmas morning Aiden and I headed back to my parents for Christmas breakfast and gift opening. Here's a view of my parents tree full of presents.

Before opening presents, my sister tied Aiden with a bow. He was certainly my favorite Christmas present this year!

I think Aiden most enjoyed the wrapping paper and ribbons, especially the sparkly ones.

We were all quite spoiled this Christmas, with lots of fabulous gifts all around. Aiden had the largest box amidst the bunch, getting a fun play center to use when he visits his grandparents.

Here's a peek at one of my gifts, a Lisa Leonard necklace with Aiden's name, a jar of hearts and a pearl.

The festivities continued and later Christmas day, we all headed to my aunt and uncle's house for a large gathering with family. It was a lovely evening of family and food. It was fun to show Aiden off, especially since many of my family members had not met him yet. He was particularly interested in my cousin's little boy, who is only 3 days younger than Aiden. The two of them make quite the Christmas pair.

We had a nice holiday, though I can't believe it is already over. All the anticipation up to Christmas and the actual event seems to fly by so quickly.

Hoping your holidays were as merry as ours!

Sunday, December 11, 2011


This weekend was a true December weekend, full of holiday parties, decorating and holiday shopping.

Aiden and I went to work parties both Friday and Saturday nights. He's such a good baby, it's so easy to take him with me every where I go.

I spent the rest of the weekend decorating, cleaning and doing laundry. I did manage to squeeze in a little baking too.

This weekend I finally ordered my Christmas cards from Shutterfly and used a 5 free card code to order a few customized thank you cards. I think this is a pretty fun way to send thank you's, don't you?

5x7 Folded Card
View the entire collection of cards.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Four Months

Aiden turns five months later this week, so I figured it was about time I posted his four month update. Time is definitely moving fast. I can't believe he will be five months in just a few days.

At four months, Aiden:

-weighed 15.1 pounds and was 25 inches long at his 4 month visit.
-eats every three to four hours, including 2 five ounce bottles (sometimes a third) while mom is at work.

-started being supplemented with rice cereal and a couple ounces of formula, because mommy can't pump enough for this hungry boy.
-sleeps about 4-5 hours at a time at night.
-takes 2-3 short naps (or sometimes a long one) most days.

-loves to play.
-enjoys peek a boo, tickles, being upside down and any other rough or silly play activities.
-loves Sophie the giraffe and his keys.
-is working hard during tummy time trying to army crawl and sometimes rolling over.
-grabs everything in sight, especially food and drinks.
-loves to be outside.

-has started fake coughing and fake burping...such a boy already!
-still blows bubbles and raspberries all the time.
-loves to imitate mouth and tongue movements.
-is probably teething, as he's chomping on everything and drooling like crazy.
-gets cuter and cuter by the day!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our First Halloween

This past weekend we headed to the pumpkin patch with the Benaim family. We were joined by Grandma Ellen, Auntie Thereze, Uncle Thierry and cousin Camryn for an afternoon of pumpkin fun. Unfortunately, it was a bit hot on Saturday, so we spent a lot of time in whatever shade we could find and the pumpkin hat came out only for pictures. It was a good day even though it didn't quite feel like fall.

We actually managed a family picture:

and a few pictures with Aiden and I together (don't have many of these):

This picture of the grandma and her grand babies cracks me up. They all have the same facial expression:

We picked a couple of good pumpkins:

Aiden was so over the pictures:

Halloween was another warm day and Aiden was not too thrilled with his costume. He really only wore it for some picture taking in the morning and to answer the door for a few trick or treaters in the evening. He was a pretty cute cow, even if he was a grumpy one.

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