Friday, September 28, 2012

Around Here

Right now I am:

Loving fall break and the extra time to spend with Aiden.

Wanting to get back to blogging and crafting.

Thinking about the future and where my life is headed.

Investigating lots of learning opportunities lately. I seem to be craving knowledge, growth and learning right now.

Eating nothing exciting. I'm bored with food and meals lately and haven't been doing a lot of real cooking.

Watching Aiden grow and change so quickly. Loving the adventure that is motherhood. Wanting desperately to savor and remember every little detail.

Wishing for cooler weather and all that it brings with it. I can't wait to wear boots and tights and sweaters.

Needing to make some major life decisions and struggling with the how's and the whys and the what ifs.

Anticipating the pumpkin wonderland that is October. My favorite month with pumpkins and Halloween and cooler weather and pumpkin treats and fall and did I mention pumpkin?


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