Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Notes From Today

I took more photos today than yesterday, but my batteries started to die this afternoon. Stupid battery charger must not be working right. It's nice to have the little camera for purse convenience, but I want to play with the new camera. I had a couple of my kids take photos today and got some cute shots of one of them playing piano, but can't post them for confidentiality reasons. Lots of everyday shots and some self portraits today. Enjoy the photos and daily update.

Hit snooze button and fall back asleep, deeply
second alarm...blah time to get up
shower, dressed, morning routine
cereal, email
take out recycle
off to work
session with V.D...lots of Mamma Mia singing
downtown to drop off billing
drive and NPR
session with J.V.
drive and snack
session with A.A....sleeping
talk to Kellie about lunch
get gas
pick-up curbside at LGO
head to Kellie's
eat, play with Lucy, talk to Kellie
bug Kellie about not napping while I'm still at her house
talk to mom
take self portraits at Kellie's
head back to work
session with M.P....started off a bit rough, but got better
drive through a favorite neighborhood
session with C.P.
drive past my favorite house
session with S.M.
chat with Kathleen
head home
stop at Fresh and Easy for fruit, veggies, cereal and meat for Shawn
Shawn's home!!
unpack, check mail....first birthday card!
open card from Ellen....anthro gift card YEAH!
make dinner
email, internet
unload dishwasher, do dishes
hang out with Shawn, watch Fringe episode again
upload photos, update blog

Later tonight:
Criminal Minds
hang with Shawn

cereal (second day with no berries or peaches, boo)
slice of raisin challah
tuna sandwich and fruit
Kashi cereal bar
wheat thins
black bean, brown rice, avocado burrito

Yeah, Shawn comes home tonight!
love my Wed long lunch break
interesting NPR show on Huntingtons' disease
still too hot today
tired today
can't believe it's already October
I LOVE October
Adorable window display at Frances
Indian School road looks so different with light rail almost up and running
Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere...LOVE!
Cuddling is the best

Good night.


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