Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Fun

Notes from today:
up at 7:30
shower, dressed, morning routine
cereal and berries
curl hair
off to work as Shawn orders my birthday gift (new bind it all!)
drive and call mom
session with M.M.
head back home
spend time with Shawn, watch Cold Case
snack on challah
put away scrap stuff
cut Wilna's art for canvas
finish 52 card "Play"
cut an apple, fill water bottle and head out the door to work
drive and Science Friday on NPR
session with M.G.
check in with Mom
call from V.P. canceling A's session...chicken pox!
drive and beginning of Oliver Sacks interview on Fresh Air...need to get podcast and finish listening
meet mom for lunch at Herb Box
talk about birthday plans
drive towards Fountain Hills, listen to ipod
kill time at Target, buy eye drops and notebook, contemplate a book and John Derian items
session with N.E.
drive home, NPR, phone tag with Jessie, talk to Shawn, talk to Kellie, call in takeout
pick up dinner at Greek Pita
talk to mom
take pictures of beautiful sunset
load dishwasher
chat with Shawn
read mail
upload photos
update blog

chat with Jessie?

cereal and berries
slice of raisin challah
veggie wrap, grapes, sweet potato chips
hummus, pita, cucumbers, spanikopita

I like my downtime on Friday
nice to be able to be lazy with Shawn for a couple hours this morning
excited about getting a bind it all and a (free) slice in the same month
I desperately need a pedicure!
cloudy afternoon and cooler weather (90's)
lots of project ideas running through my head
wanting time for house projects and garden clean up...maybe next weekend


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