Saturday, October 4, 2008

Birthday Eve

Saturday's a work day for me, but this morning I was able to sleep a little later because one of my poor kiddos has chicken pox. Here's me driving to work:

It was overcast today, which made for a nice drive:

By the front door when I arrived home today...happy birthday to me:

and inside the box was this adorable bag from Jessie, made by Andrea:

I hadn't changed my office calendar until this afternoon:

My messy desk, full of in progress paperwork, billing info and some to do in Photoshop projects:

Scrapping a bit this evening and doing my new favorite thing, sewing on pages:

Strawberry milkshake to celebrate my birthday eve:

Another night with a gorgeous photo doesn't quite capture the bold yellows and oranges:

up at 8am
shower, dressed, morning routine
cereal and berries
email, internet, chat with Shawn
off to work
drive and NPR
session with C.M.
made plans with Michelle for a birthday breakfast on Monday
stop by mom and dad's
mom tells me my pants are way too big on me, which all of my clothes pretty much are right now
go shopping in mom's closet and leave with 2 pairs of size 4 jeans and 1 pair of capri's that are too big for mom but fit me pretty well
drive to next kiddo
session with T. F.
drive and eat a few bites of my lunch
talk to Kellie
session with S.S.
drive and eat more of my lunch
session with M.P.
drive home with windows down!
arrive home to birthday package from Jessie/Andrea and a card from Erin
also in the mail is my mail in ballot for November's election
try to nap with Shawn but my head is too busy
finish scrapbook page I started last night
photograph new purse and finished page
head to my office computer to upload page and today's photos
post page and check in online
eat apple
print some things from my email
return to scrapbooking and finish another half done page and start a new one
Shawn interrupts my page to say let's get ice cream
talk to mom
Freddy's Custard for milkshakes and dinner
hang out with Shawn
surf the internet
upload photos to laptop and update blog

cereal and berries
Kashi cereal bar
hummus, carrots, pita
veggie burger
strawberry milkshake

hang out with Shawn
knit or scrap

today is my last day being 30
loving the cooler weather today
wondering if we'll need to change our plans for tomorrow due to cooler weather this weekend
lots of creative ideas today
need to get some paperwork done next week
wanting to get clean up courtyard and get fall planting done in the garden
loving my Halloween decorations
should have done laundry today
need groceries
gorgeous sunsets lately
love lazy Saturday nights with Shawn
looking forward to tomorrow's birthday picnic


metrochic October 5, 2008 at 11:23 AM  

happy happy happy happy birthday! we need to make plans to get together for a birthday lunch/dinner soon! love you!

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