Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Picture challenged

As someone who scrapbooks and loves photography, I'm not so good with the daily photos. I tend to take pictures at events or gatherings, when I have a project or page idea in mind, or randomly as the mood strikes me. I don't typically take my camera everywhere I go. This "Week in the Life" challenge has been a good push for me to take more pictures, practice more photography skills, pay attention to the details and capture the everyday. It's been a bit rough the past few days getting in to the swing of constant photos. I must admit, I haven't taken nearly as many pictures each day as I should. I'm hoping as the week progresses I get more natural at whipping out the camera for random "life" photos and become more creative with the images I'm capturing. In the mean time, here are a few shots from yesterday, my fun and exciting day off. Really, I cleaned and puttered around the house most of the day, so nothing to captivating to capture on film, but I did my best.

Here are a few shots from today:

Now for my "Notes from Today" section.

up at 7:45
Today show, computer time
put away dishes from drying rack
paid bills online
put away laundry from drying rack
putter in the scrap room, organizing and finishing up sleeve mini album
photograph mini album
SRG billing
talk to Shawn
create new blog header
new look for blog
shower and get ready
charge camera batteries
pack lunch
work on 52 Card
talk to mom briefly
off to work
eat yogurt and berries while driving
session with L.C.
drive and eat apple
session with M.P.
drive and NPR
session with M.P., chat with his Dad about reflux issues
CVS for dental floss and snack
session with A.S. and A.S., home with raisin challah from their mom
drive home
chat with Michelle
unpack lunch bag, go through mail
talk to Shawn
feed koi
make dinner
eat and computer
upload photos

kashi cereal bar
yogurt and berries
wheat thins
veggie sandwich
slice of challah

I love having late start to work and enjoying my mornings at home
just getting motivated with my 52 cards and time for work
is my car invisible today?
eating the world's most perfect RED apple
missing Shawn
24/7 financial reporting is starting to really stress me out
good tv tonight

watch House and Fringe (new favorite)
talk to Jessie again?

Thanks for bearing with me....not the most thrilling blog post I know, but helping to keep me on track with this project.


Princess Jessie Pants September 30, 2008 at 10:34 PM  

Woooohhh! Pretty blog! I love it. So fallish... :)

Here I am - should be in bed, but nope - I'm playing blog. Not updating my own mind you - just checking out yours. :)

I really like reading what you're doing every day - maybe I should play that game one week when things settle down in 4th grade...love the pics too.

Miss you...

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