Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Maternity Dilemma

I've been struggling with maternity clothes. Most of my regular bottoms no longer fit me, although I just purchased a bella band, so we'll see if I can eek out a couple more wears in my bigger sized pants. I'm still ok with most of my tops, especially since my sister thought ahead and bought me several empire waist tops for Christmas. I've got a few dresses and skirts that will still work, once the weather warms up (looks like 70's this week, so we should be good). The issue is deciding how much to purchase. Like most women, I want to look stylish and cute while I'm pregnant. I do not want to wear the same few outfits over and over again. Yet, I also do not want to spend, nor do I have the funds to spend a ton of money on maternity clothes.

So far I have purchased from Old Navy and Gap: denim trouser pants that I love and a pair of denim leggings that are still a bit big and really look more black than denim, but they work. I have 2 spring/summer dresses (still too big), denim capris, a couple t-shirts and long tanks that are a must. I sent back a pair of dress pants and a pair of capris that were enormous on me, even in a maternity size 2.

I mostly need spring and summer wear. I'm guessing I'll mostly want dresses and skirts for work, especially once its hot, and a couple pairs of capris or bermuda shorts. My mom has offered to make me some dresses (she sews must better and faster than I), which will be perfect.

I will need cute outifts for maternity pics too, of course. So, here's a few items on my wish list. Many of them seem pricey for something you wear just a few months, but I may cave and order a few things.

Love the maternity dresses at Shabby Apple. There site won't let me save or copy picture images, but I love this one, this one and this one.

Boden has adorable maternity dresses and tops, but they are way pricey. I love this ruffled dress.

I've also just discovered this site for cute maternity clothes, that apparently ships internationally for free. I'm debating about ordering a few items, like this dress:

this dress:

and this bathing suit (since I will be super preggo in June/July when its a million degrees here):

I've yet to visit any local maternity stores and I'm guessing I might find maternity at a consignment store or two...that's just time I don't have right now. Much easier to online shop. Any other ideas for good maternity options from you mommies out there?


em February 27, 2011 at 9:49 PM  

I did not know that Boden's maternity line was out. It's a good thing I didn't know that! ;) I am admittedly NOT a stylish pregnant person. I have like seven cotton shirts (all the same style...fitted with ruching on the sides) that are the same style that I mix with my like four pairs of pants. That's it. I hate maternity clothes...and I'm not really one of those cute little tiny people (such as yourself) who looks adorable in maternity clothes. I have a feeling you are going to be a stellar looking pregnant girlie! :)

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