Monday, August 11, 2008

She Returns

I just returned from here

Ok so mostly I was in Salem, not the beautiful Depot Bay, but I spent a lovely week in Oregon to celebrate this girls birthday

and to hang out with these lovely girls

and their significant others. I had a wonderful time, despite the frustrations of an annoying heart monitor attached to me for much of the trip. We celebrated Jessie's birthday, had girly lunch and shopping time, scrapbooked, watched lots of girly movies, went to the coast, enjoyed some sweet treats...hello peach milkshake from Aspinwalls...played mini golf with Beth and Adam, got pedicures in Jessie's living room, hung out in Corvallis and enjoyed some outside time. You can read the specifics on Jessie's blog as she has the detailed list of activities posted.

I miss hanging with my Oregon girls so much. I'm lucky that I get to spend time with them every summer and we've been fortunate to see each other more frequently in the past year, but it's hard to live so far away from them! I will share more pictures later, including several scrapbook pages I managed to complete while in Oregon. Right now, I'm off to hang out with my mom and mother in law for the afternoon. I like this no work on Mondays thing!


Andrea @ Knitty Bitties August 13, 2008 at 9:29 PM  

That is such a cute picture of Jess ... I love it!

And I LOVED getting to see you and hang out for several days! I think overlapping summer vacation is a must! I hope that Jess & I can really make a trip to see you in AZ sooner than later!

Thanks of sleeping on the air mattress while we hogged the "good bed." You're the best!

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