Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Mail

I've been a lucky girl the past few days and have gotten some lovely happy mail treats. Today my happy mail from this swap arrived. Here are the lovely red contents:

Thanks Bethany! I love, love, love it all! The fish salt and pepper shakers are too cute and perfect for my red/black/white kitchen and I adore that lovely red bag you made! So fun!

A few days ago this box arrived...and sat by the front door, as boxes tend to do in this house when they aren't for me...funny thing though, this box was for me, but I didn't realize it. Shawn told me I had a package when I got home, so I went and grabbed the box from Portland Sheet Music full of lesson books I had ordered for work and figured that's what he meant. Well, there was another box sitting there for days...until this weekend when I realized it was for me from my "Jar of Whimsy" swap partner, Traci. Oops! I finally opened the box this weekend and loved what I found. Here's the contents of the jar after I started pulling things out to investigate the goodies it held:

If I were planning ahead, I would have photographed the jar all full of goodies, so you could have gotten the full effect...but I didn' here's the jar after most items had been pulled out. The bottom of the jar contained tons and tons of fun buttons and sequins.

In today's mail I also got a package from Home Studio. My free pendant, a thank you for blogging about how much I loved the pendants I ordered from them. How fun is that?

Yeah for happy mail! Needed the smiles after spending a fortunate to replace the AC in my car on Friday. Hopefully, it means this week is going to be a better one!


Nicole August 26, 2008 at 7:49 AM  

Dang! I have mail envy =)

Bethany August 28, 2008 at 7:16 AM  

You are oh-so-welcome! It was fun having a partner I don't really know, I just know you must be pretty great if Jessie raves about you ;)

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