Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Photo Minimalist

Apparently today was not a good day for photos. I only took 41, which is way more than I normally take, but not nearly enough for this project. I even had the perfect opportunity for good photos of my mother, Ellen and Kellie at lunch, but did I take them? Maybe I was too cold, it was awfully chilly with the wind today. It's a shock to the system to go from 91 degrees yesterday to 68 degrees today. Maybe its because my sister complains and calls me the paparazzi and my husband shakes his finger at me whenever I come stick a camera in his direction....whatever, I will do better tomorrow...or so I hope.

Here's a peek at Wednesday:

7:15 wake up
morning routine
talked with mom
session 1--he was a little off today
session 2--yes, he has a drum on his head. Silly, silly today.
session 3
meet mom, Ellen and Kellie for lunch at Arcadia Farms
it took so long for our food to come, I had to eat my salad in 3 minutes and take my tart to go. Bummer.
session 4
post office to mail a package
home to pack for OR
talk to Kellie
talk to Jessie
not hungry for dinner
eat PB and graham crackers
computer time

on tap for tonight: hand out with Shawn and Ellen, watch criminal minds, bed early?

Happy Wednesday!


Danielle April 21, 2010 at 11:07 PM  

love it!

Ally April 23, 2010 at 7:45 AM  

These are fun posts! Love seeing the bits of your day and I can't wait until you scrap 'em! Love the drum on the kid's head. Funny.

Hey - I want to talk to you about next semester... IF I get a job with one of the universities (NAU has been asking me) teaching again, I'd really like to bring you on as an ongoing guest lecturer. I just need someone to talk more EI with these students and I'm not doing it. What do you think?

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