Tuesday, May 19, 2009

10 is the Magic Number

Well, on Tuesdays it is anyway...

1. Just finished my second attempt at a Strawberry shake...met some friends who where halfway through their lunch, so I just got a shake...ICK! It was gross! I had about 5 tastes and threw it away. Blech! So, on my way home I stopped for a real strawberry shake from Freddy's...mmmm, Freddy's is the best!

2. Loving this video, thanks Ally. You should check out her photography too, its stunning.

3. Am enjoying this blog, thanks Elise.

4. Still enjoying late start Tuesdays, although today I did an early morning make up session.

5. Found out our state rate for services is only being cut by 10%, not 54%...this is good news. Now we'll wait to see what fiscal year 2010 brings us.....

6. Got my June and July SFAC kits yesterday and can't wait to play with them. They're pretty fun. You'll want to check them out.

7. Waiting for this little guy to arrive at my house...

I adore KL's Kenner Road kits, but can't usually justify another scrappy purchase each month. This month I just couldn't resist.

8. Needing to go bathing suit shopping...not my favorite thing to do, but most of the suits I have are several years old and a bit big on me these days. I ordered one from Victoria's Secret a couple of weeks ago, but didn't like the way it fit me...it now has a home on my sister's long and lean body.

9. Loving Dina's bracelet...she's amazing I tell you!

10. Have lots of projects that are in progress...really feeling like I need to buckle down and finish one of them...let's see England album, Week in the Life Album, knitted tunic top, Wedding Album, Hawaii Album, Create 09 catch up...ugh! I'm too creatively scattered these days.

Ok, I'm off to work...happy Tuesday!


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