Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The 10 for Today

1. Enjoyed my new Tuesday work schedule...home until almost 2pm!

2. Spent two hours this afternoon editing and uploading pictures from the past four months. I have decided I need to be better about doing this monthly...it takes a LONG time when you wait!

3. Found this gorgeous photo in my shots from OR last week. Such a beautiful family!

4. Love seeing this every time I walk outside my front door. The first of my succulent obsession.

5. Wearing my new sandals today. I bought them at Target in Salem. They are super comfortable.

6. I never finished my garden this spring and now its too hot to plant much. My geraniums and gerberas are already losing ground to the heat. But, I do have tons of herbs and my heat loving basil is growing like crazy.

7. Made homemade spinach and mushroom pizza for dinner tonight using some of that lovely basil. I also tried goat cheese mozzerella to see if my reflux tummy handles it better. We shall see...it was quite delicious either way!

8. This is what Shawn spent the morning doing...yes, that's a new toy, a teeny tiny little hand held computer....and no, he didn't need this.

9. Devoured tons of berries today...blueberries and huge, delicious raspberries on my cereal and some leftover strawberry shortcake (with a few raspberries for good measure) after lunch. Mmmm!

10. Thinking I need a magazine intervention. I got two new issues today (Body and Soul and Elle Decor) and I already have a giant stack of unread magazines piled up next to my bed and in the living room. Maybe I just need a beach vacation....


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