Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rest and Relaxation

This weekend was the first time in a very long time that I tried my best to do very little. For the past year I have been going none stop, it's a little bit tough for me to relax. I still have a lengthy to do list and plenty that needs to be done before the baby comes, but decided this weekend, my first official weekend on summer break, should be all about relaxing. I did manage to get the laundry done (mostly), go to the grocery store and finish 2 assignments for my last post bacc class (have a midterm to take this week, so they had to be done), but other than that I tried my best to relax and have fun. Here's few highlights of mission relaxation:

  • Much of my weekend was spent on the couch or propped up on pillows in bed.
  • I spent lots of time on the ipad, a lot of it spent googling blogs I wanted to catch up on since I am still without my laptop and my trusty bookmarks.
  • pinterest
  • Finished 2 books that have been sitting in my pile partially read for weeks...this one and this one. Kind of a giant contrast in style and information, but both worth reading. Next up, I read and/or finish one of the fiction books in my pile.
  • Attempted to tackle my magazine pile and read 2 issues of Martha Stewart Living, an issue of Whole Living, one Ready Made and an American Baby. I also managed to purge a couple old issues I had in a pile because I had a few pages ear marked for tearing out. I still have tons of Elle Decors to get too, as well as a the newest issues of Living, Ready Made and Whole Living. I'm a sucker for magazines.....
  • Knit and unknit several rows on the stripey baby blanket. I should not knit when I'm sleepy and ready for bed.
  • Was asleep around 9pm both Friday and Saturday night. Exhausted much?
  • Cuddled the dog we were dog sitting for the weekend.
  • Went to see this movie with Shawn on Sunday. Funny, but not as crazy and hilarious as the first one:

  • Ate tons of fruit. We came home from the store with cantaloupe, raspberries, peaches, red cherries and white cherries. LOVE summer fruit.
  • Watched a few shows in my giant backlog on Tivo...Army Wives, Criminal Minds, Bones, Glee....still have more Glee, Top Chef, Grey's and Brothers and Sisters to watch.
  • Went to the mall yesterday to get Shawn some new clothes. Managed to purchase about 5 maternity tank tops from Forever 21 (gotta love the prices for clothes I'll only wear another couple months) and got some undies (as mine are starting to be uncomfortable) and checked out lovely nursing bras at Motherhood Maternity.
  • Ordered the rocking chair and a few necessities off my amazon list that I had not received as gifts.
  • Speaking of gifts, went through my school shower gifts and tried to make nice little piles....baby's room is still just a bunch of gift piles....
80% of the above items were done in pj's or lounging clothes from the couch or my bed. Felt good. I'm trying to take it easy the rest of this week, though my week is starting to fill up with to do's and activities, including scrapping with Miss Ally, IKEA with Shawn and a movie with my mom. In fact, I'd better get off the computer and get myself out the door to my OB appointment and go take my midterm (getting it over with)....

Hope your weekend was as relaxing as mine.

Happy Tuesday!


em May 31, 2011 at 11:40 AM  

So much good stuff in one weekend!! How is your birth/labor planning/preparation going? I'm getting so excited for you! Are you having a home birth? Or just want to go all natural?

Andrea @ Knitty Bitties May 31, 2011 at 4:43 PM  

Yea for you!!
Good Luck in these final weeks ... bring on the nesting!!

Happy day!!

Barb May 31, 2011 at 5:58 PM  

Good for you! Sounds like a perfect weekend.

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