Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Tuesday

and I'm actually writing a Tuesday 10.....

1. The screen on my laptop died this weekend. Which means, my commuter boots up fine, but all I see is a black screen. Fab. The good news: the manufacturer has agreed to repair. The bad news: the computer must be shipped to them for repairs and will take a couple weeks. The really bad news: this means all my files, which I need for grad school assignments are inaccessible right now. Ugh!

2. School is out in 1.5 days, which means I have only a few days left of work.....and because I'll be on maternity leave when school starts, after Friday, I won't work again until October!

3. It's hot. Pregnant Erin really does not like the heat. So looking forward to my last couple weeks in JULY. I think I'll need lots of ice cream.

4. Looking forward to my school baby shower tomorrow.

5. Still haven't purchased thank you gifts for my classroom aides yet....i've not got much time, but I keep wavering about what to do for them.

6. I'm currently sitting in the dark. Shawn's got a bad migraine and I'm too tired to go into another room.

7. Looking forward to working on the baby's room soon. I keep having dreams that he comes home and his room is still just piles of stuff.

8. I'm kind of disappointed I haven't had any real cravings. There are definitely foods I prefer these days, but nothing I've had to have.

9. I am in need of a pajama day. One where I not only stay in my pajamas, I do nothing productive at all. I'm thinking Saturday might be a good day for this. Can't work on school any way with my current computer situation.

10. I'm thinking an early bed time tonight sounds good. I'm pretty non functional right now...thinking bed and an episode of Weeds sounds like a plan.

Happy Tuesday!

PS The situation with my computer means I likely won't be posting pictures any time soon. I know I promised baby shower photos.


em May 25, 2011 at 5:31 AM  

I can't imagine how it must be with the heat. Ugh!!

Also, don't worry about the "dream" about piles of stuff. Is he sleeping in your room at the beginning? It is fine if everything isn't all finished when he comes home. He'll never know. ;) Henry's crib still isn't put up yet...

Barb May 27, 2011 at 6:32 PM  

The laptop situation sounds very stressful. So does the heat.

You deserve two pajama days. :)

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