Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Grateful Day 10

Today I am grateful for online courses and the flexibility they provide. I'll admit that changing jobs, being a first year teacher, finishing my post bacc teaching cert program and simultaneously working on grad school is a bit crazy. Just a bit, right? I'm definitely feeling the pressure right now. I'm behind on a few things, but with the flexibility the online courses provides, its ok. Thankfully, I'm usually pretty diligent about getting things done, so when I get behind, its not too far behind. I'm glad I don't have set class days. I'm glad I can work at 8pm, or 6am, or all day Sunday. Without this flexibility, I'm sure I'd be floundering big time.That being said, tomorrow's holiday will be spent writing and turning in a grad school paper that should have been submitted already, studying for two midterms that must be completed by Saturday and beginning research on a paper that is do in two weeks. So much for a day off.....


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