Thursday, November 15, 2007

Getting Crafty

This past week or so has been pretty busy, but I have managed to get a lot of crafting done in the evenings after work. I finished my knitting project, a cute striped bag. It still needs to be felted, so I will take pictures this weekend after I wash it and attach the handles. I have also started knitting a blanket...not the crazy difficult one, a much easier one for now. I'm still overwhelmed by the other pattern.

A couple weekends ago I did these two pages for the BHG "Make it Yours" luck getting selected, but I love them anyway and I was able to use a couple pictures that have been sitting in my to be scrapped pile for awhile.

Last Sunday I scrapped with my scrappy friends from SIS. We were pretty chatty and managed to spend a bit of time shopping...I'd never been to the store we scrapped at, so I found a couple things I needed to have...I did manage to get two pages done using the Cocoa Daisy kit from September, one I had yet to get around to using. Again, I used some photos I've been wanting to scrap for awhile.

I took Monday off, I usually don't take smaller holidays off, but I had lots to do. I spent most of the day cleaning and doing things around the house. I did manage to get the front garden dug out and hopefully got rid of the blasted mint that was overrunning everything...fingers weekend I plan to plant some new flowers and herbs. After the garden work and a nice hot shower, I decided to do some Christmas crafting. I don' t know why exactly, but this year I am getting into Christmas earlier than usual. I typically don't start Christmas stuff until after Thanksgiving and even December 1st, but this year I'm already getting into a Christmasy mood. It's a wonder too, since it's still NOT cooling off here...It was 87 yesterday for goodness sake! Here's a couple Christmas projects I finished. This cool star came from Melrose Vintage. I covered it with Paperbox papers I've had in my holiday stash for a couple years now. I plan to hand this up and use it to store Christmas cards. I'll post a better picture once it's hung.

I've been stashing these cool page frame clear stars with the intent of using them to make Christmas ornaments. I just used the Hambly Christmas rub ons on them, poked a hole at the top and attached some ribbon. I think they turned out pretty fun! Again, I will post when the tree goes up and they have a better place to hang!


Princess Jessie Pants November 15, 2007 at 10:18 PM  

Oh my goodness, how adorable are you!?! I LOVE the LO's. So sweet. The Christmas crafties are pretty fun too - are we going to play projects while I'm there!? LESS THAN 1 WEEK!!!!!!!!!

Davinie November 17, 2007 at 7:56 PM  

Love what you did for the BHG... you rocked that Cocoa Daisy kit too.. and I LOVE that barn star! Cute schtuff here!

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