Saturday, October 6, 2012

And Just Like That

Yesterday I said goodbye to 34 and hello to 35.

At 34, I: became a working mama; planned my first kiddo birthday party; watched my baby learn to crawl; learn to talk and learn to walk; became obsessed with instagram, colored pants and all things striped; became a regular chai tea drinker; travelled to Chicago, Oregon and San Diego; fell off the blogging and crafting wagon; stopped watching tv; celebrated Aidens first Halloween, Christmas and birthday; made a lot of baby food and devoted a large portion of my life to nursing the babe; started ans stopped project life yet again; spent far too much time on pinning and not enough doing; started the never ending kitchen remodel; went to farmers markets and flea markets; took a lot of walks pushing a stroller or pulling a wagon; took thousands of photos of the worlds cutest baby; welcomed several babies into the world; took more trips to Ikea than I can count; spent hours and hours pushing a swing; planned and co-hosted a baby shower; ate Greek yogurt, granola and apples almost everyday; went to the zoo, the children's museum and the library; painted some fabulous fourth of July nails; lived out of a suitcase for far too long; had a lot of ups and downs and experienced a lot of heartache; became that mom that makes everything homemade; celebrated small student successes; came up with a few plans; decided to make the best of things; became even more independent; ate a lot of great meals; and received more cuddles and hugs and kisses than I ever thought possible.

At 35, I will: finish Aidens baby blanket; return to project life; read more; actually use the things I pin; make big decisions; purge and de-clutter; work on Aidens baby book; take more walks and push more swings; watch my baby turn two; go on more outings; exercise more; spend less; take some classes; cook new things; listen to more music; spend time outside; meet some babies; create new rituals with Aiden; make stuff; blog more regularly; use what I have; buy more local; rest; and spent time with friends and family.

hello 35!


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