Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday 10

1. Had a cancellation today so I got to stay home until 1:30. Spent some quality time with Shawn, vacuumed the house and scrapped a page all before heading to work.

2. 10 days till I visit the Oregon girlies!

3. Shawn bought a ridiculously large TV today...the good news is this means some of my to do's get done, because he doesn't want me to be mad about this purchase...a new TV falls LOW on my priority list.

4. Had a craving for a cookie and detoured myself to LGO for an apple oatmeal cookie in between kids. Delicious!

5. Wanting to stay home and do stuff around the house. Since changing the beds around, I am motivated to move furniture, hang pictures, clean and purge.

6. Looking for new curtains for the extra bedroom in white or red....looking for a deal.

7. Waiting for the kit reveal at Studio Calico tonight...I shouldn't buy anything, but you never know if I might NEED an add on or some stamps....

8. Desperately in need of a haircut and color, but the earliest appointment I can get that fits my schedule is Feb 24th....sorry Jess, I'm gonna have crazy hair in your shower pictures!

9. Researching some travel plans in hopes of a trip with Shawn this spring.

10. Looking forward to watching Fringe and reading my book this evening.


Lauren January 27, 2009 at 10:16 PM  

your tuesday tens are so much fuN!

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