Saturday, July 5, 2008

52 Card Catch Up

Because of being sick for so long, I have been way behind with my 52 cards. We're talking almost 3 months behind.....I'm slowly catching up. I've decided to break the posting of them up, because I'm not sure how exciting it would be to scroll through 12 cards front and back. So here's the first 4 for your viewing pleasure.

This one was my prompt: "What comforts you?" This prompt was given when I was feeling my worst and really just wanted some comforting. Loving using the wood grain contact paper on the may see this again...

Here's the back and oh so true...

This card came from our guest prompter, the lovely and talented Heather. You can see her card here. The prompt was "reality check."

Here's the back....something I really need to remember.

This prompt from Andrea was "What's inspiring you creatively?"

I used some of my many magazine tear outs on the back.

The prompt for this last card came from Jessie "What will you do this week?"

Since I made this card weeks after the prompt was actually given, I did more of a generic, what I'd like to do every week, response.

What I love about these cards is that I get to use up all the scraps on my desk and rummage through my stash for bits and pieces I've forgotten about. There are two of these cards in progress on my scrap space right now. I've got several more of these to post later, so stay tuned!


ahardy July 6, 2008 at 7:31 AM  

lovelove the woodgrain.
& yay for getting caught up!

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