Sunday, January 6, 2008

Weekend Update

It's been a busy weekend. I wanted to update my blog, but I'm too lazy to go to the other computer, so there will be no pictures tonight...I do promise some more pictures from my completed Christmas journal, recent layouts and fun new purchases later this week.

Friday after work, I did pretty much nothing. I was totally exhausted after my first few days back to work, so I was in my pajamas early cruising the internet and thumbing through some magazines before falling asleep.

Saturday after work I headed home and after some lunch and a little (ok, long) catch up conversation with Michelle I had this crazy clean, purge and reorganize things spree. After dragging the Christmas tree outside (we still hadn't done this even though it's been undecorated for days) and cleaning up the mess with my awful, doesn't suck anything up vacuum, I decided, hey, why not re-arrange the living room furniture. So, I moved furniture around for the next hour or so....if you grew up in my house, you wouldn't really find this odd, I mean "let's move furniture" was like an after school activity in our house...This impromptu rearranging caused me to change out some pillows and thus head into my linen closet, which was quite a mess, so I decided to completely reorganized the linen closet, purging several items I no longer like or haven't used in ages. Since I was purging, I searched out a few more items to get rid of in various places around the house. The only thing I have yet to purge are my shoes...believe me, it's on the list...that and Shawn's closet, but I'm a bit afraid of that one....oh, did I mention I was doing laundry and randomly dusting things while all this madness was going on? Finally, I headed into my scrapbook space to do more cleaning and check a few more things off of my list. Got my Christmas journal completely finished, including adding some pictures and bits and pieces from Christmas cards we had received. Sometime after 9pm, I realized I hadn't eaten dinner, so I put away the Christmas crafty stuff, poured a glass of wine, warmed up some leftover pasta and settled down to thumb through a pile of catologues I was purging, surf online sales and watch a movie. Don't ask me where all this energy came from, but it did feel good to get some stuff done.

Today I slept in...don't you think I needed to! I met up with some scrapbooking friends from SIS for a little lunch and gift swap. After lunch Angie and I headed to Anthropologie, I still had some gift card money to spend. One hour and $100 later, I left Anthropologie...which I would have to say is probably my new favorite store, despite the fact that I can't afford to shop there all the time...and headed home. Shawn and I took the Christmas tree to the park to be recycled into mulch and I continued my put things away spree for a little while. I've been settled with my laptop and some television for awhile now and should probably head to bed soon. I have another full day tomorrow, including a trip to IKEA in the morning with Kellie before heading to work for the afternoon. I think this week may be a shock to my system as I will be back to the usual crazy work schedule. I'm hoping I can still manage to get a few things done and checked off of my to do list despite the work schedule....we shall see.

Hope your weekends were wonderful and happy back to the routine tomorrow. I'm off to bed and The Other Boleyn Girl.


Ally January 7, 2008 at 6:48 AM  

Looking forward to seeing those pics - especially what you nabbed at Anthropologie. You know, even the name of that store is cool - it's inspiring just to walk in it, let alone shop there!

Emily Pitts January 7, 2008 at 10:04 PM  

whoa. i was tired after the first few lines. :)

Andrea January 10, 2008 at 9:22 AM  

Yes, I agree ... pictures, pictures please!

Sounds like a lovely weekend, minus the work :). Shopping, eating, moving furniture, scrapping ...

Good luck getting back to the swing of a normal week and checking things off ... I'd say I'm only about 30% back to normal, LOL!

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