Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday ten

Been awhile...10 from today:

1. I suck as a blogger.
2. Getting over a yucky stomach bug so today's menu has consisted of yogurt, toast and crackers.
3. Picked a good day to be sick and missed all the crazy no power/electrical fire fun at school yesterday. Unfortunately, I got the repercussions of yesterdays crazy, off schedule day today. Ugh.
4. Booked my flight to Oregon to visit some of my favorite people this summer. Thanks to a fabulous gift from my parents, I paid a whole $16 for my flight!
5. Feeling creative lately, but feeling like my small amount of free time should be used on more productive things, like dealing with my disaster of a house.
6. Wishing the weather would stay in the 80s (or 70s) for awhile. My weather app says 100 for Saturday. I'm not ready for that.
7. There are 27 teaching days left this school year...not that I'm counting.
8. My poor baby is working on 3 new teeth at the same time. Thank goodness he's such a good natured baby.
9. Today is tax day and once again we've filed an extension. Not my preference, but we are once again waiting on necessary paperwork. This is the first year I won't file as a business owner in a long time. Definitely less stressful.
10. I suck at taking pictures lately, which makes things hard for project life. I'm so behind anyway, I may gloss over the month of April with a monthly spread. I manage 2 photos today.

Happy Tuesday!


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