Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our First Halloween

This past weekend we headed to the pumpkin patch with the Benaim family. We were joined by Grandma Ellen, Auntie Thereze, Uncle Thierry and cousin Camryn for an afternoon of pumpkin fun. Unfortunately, it was a bit hot on Saturday, so we spent a lot of time in whatever shade we could find and the pumpkin hat came out only for pictures. It was a good day even though it didn't quite feel like fall.

We actually managed a family picture:

and a few pictures with Aiden and I together (don't have many of these):

This picture of the grandma and her grand babies cracks me up. They all have the same facial expression:

We picked a couple of good pumpkins:

Aiden was so over the pictures:

Halloween was another warm day and Aiden was not too thrilled with his costume. He really only wore it for some picture taking in the morning and to answer the door for a few trick or treaters in the evening. He was a pretty cute cow, even if he was a grumpy one.

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