Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday 10

Today's list:

1. getting stuff done, slowly but surely.
2. took another exam today, got 60/60 on the multiple choice, waiting for my essay grade.
3. thinking about the homemade maple vanilla ice cream in my freezer that I made yesterday. thinking I might need some soon.
4. had big plans for getting stuff done tonight, but I've been lacking motivation in the evenings and tend to do nothing but computer, tv and books after 7pm lately.
5. drinking another GT, not sure why I'm on such a kick all of a sudden.
6. should be reading about English language learners right now, but I don't wanna.
7. one of my clients received a grant today from ACT Today to continue music therapy sessions with me. pretty awesome.
8. looking forward to spending most of the day with Shawn tomorrow for our anniversary.
9. thinking about starting a new knitting project, but probably should finish a few in progress items first.
10. contemplating the AC DT call. not sure, since I've applied before and haven't been scrapping too much lately. it would be an awesome gig though.

Happy Tuesday!


Princess Jessie Pants June 22, 2010 at 10:50 PM  

Fun list! I especially like your 'I don't wanna'. :) Hee hee.


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