Saturday, November 8, 2008


How's that for a post title? Well, it's how I feel. I am home sick again today. I've been fighting this dumb cold (I think) all week. Here's how the week has gone:

MON--My day off. I have a sore throat and feel achy. I do some paperwork, drop of my billing and go to my Dr. appointment for follow up. I was feeling a little better by the afternoon but not great.

TUE--My throat is killing me, so I stay home and lay low, do paperwork, craft and rest. I feel better by the evening.

WED--I'm feeling better, my throat is still scratchy, but not bad so I go to work. After singing all day my throat starts hurting again and by the time I get home I have no voice. Really, I could hardly talk and felt lousy.

THURS--Wake up and still have no voice. I feel ok otherwise, but there is no way I can sing and lead therapy sessions with no voice. Spend the day doing paperwork, crafting and resting. My voice was back a little bit by the end of the day.

FRI--I still sound like a baritone, but think I can handle my workday and just try not too sing too much. Off I my 3rd session, my throat is killing me again and by my last session I'm feeling so exhausted all I want to do is climb in bed.

SAT--So I spent the whole night last night coughing and woke up this morning very nauseated. I'm thinking it's from coughing up crap all night long, but I feel lousy. I call all my kids and try to reschedule...thank goodness for no school on Veterans Day...I'm staying home AGAIN today and will try to lay low. I have so much to do and am so tired of being sick. Just as I feel like my life is getting back to normal and I'm getting healthy again, I get stuck with this stupid cold! I guess my immune system is still low or something. It's very frustrating!

I'm headed to an ENT on the 17th to figure out the inflammed lymph nodes and thyroid. Maybe he can figure out why I keep getting sick. I'm so frustrated with my body. Here's hoping a full weekend of resting will put an end to this cold and I can start the week off right on Monday!


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