Monday, April 14, 2008

52 Card Review

So I'm a few days late posting this little guy. I actually finished it last night. The prompt from me was "right now." I really just wanted an excuse to keep using this lovely SC limited edition stamp created by Fontwerks. It uses the SC font which is one of my favorites. I kept the front simple to showcase the stamp.

Here's the back. Also kept it simple. Oops, meant to add the date at the bottom...I'll have to go do that now.

Since we are about at our half way point with this challenge, I figured I should post a little recap of all prompts to this point. This will help our future guest prompters to know what's already been done and allow any of you to start your own 52 Card Scrap Up now or later when you have time. These would also be great journaling or topic prompts for scrapbook pages when you need a little inspiration. So here goes:

Week #1--Cover or Title Page
Week #2--Me Time
Week #3--Favorite Moment of the Week
Week #4--Sweet Treat
Week #5--Song Lyrics
Week #6--Thaksgiving
Week #6--Favorite Fall Drink
Week #7--Favorite Holiday Decoration
Week #8--Holiday Traditions
Week #9--Favorite Christmas Song or Holiday Music
Week #10--Favorite Moment from Christmas
Week #11--Favorite Christmas Present
Week #12--no prompt this week--inspired by your week
Week #13--New Year, New You
Week #14--January Bliss
Week #15--Struggle
Week #16--Friendship
Week #17--Memory from your Week
Week #18--Favorite Color
Week #19--Celebrate
Week #20--What's on your mind?
Week #21--Use something you would have thrown away this week
Week #22--How do you go green?
Week #23--Fresh
Week #24--no prompt--inspired by your week
Week #25--Right Now

This week's prompt, week #26, is "This Week I hope to..." I'll post mine on Friday. Stay tuned for 26 weeks of more challenges and prompts and several guest prompters.

Happy Creating!


Silvitanova April 15, 2008 at 2:18 PM  

Thank you for the list!

Andrea April 15, 2008 at 7:36 PM  

I love the simplicity of both ... very fun!

26 ... seriously? I really need to do some catching up ... off to work on that now, I think I'll go from current backwards :).

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