Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The joys of a full moon

Ok, so the moon is not quite full, but pretty close and will continue to be this way all week.....I am in for such a lovely week! Those of you who work with children or in hospitals and clinics will know what I am talking about. Full moons do lovely things for behavior and make my sessions oh so interesting!

Today started off with M. telling me he wanted to take a nap, it was 8:30am, and did I eat bananas--he can't seem to grasp the fact I don't like them and he does. I have been asked this question at least a dozen times a session for 3 weeks now! Next up I had a child who couldn't sit still to save his life and proceeded to spin and rock and change postions every thirty seconds...makes attending to directions and interventions quite difficult! A. told me "no" a million times and was quite through with therapy 20 minutes in to our session. I arrived at J.'s house to here him screaming before I was even at the front door. N. had a pretty big meltdown, lots of dramatics and screaming, but at least he wasn't aggressive. S. cried and whined a lot. Next was P., who on a regular basis fires me, tells me to get out of his room, go home and his new favorite "Ms. Erin, how many times to I have to tell you, you don't live here anymore...go home! Above is the note I recieved upon arriving to his house (got a similar one last week too)! Gotta love the full moon!


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