Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Pumpkin at 3 Months

Because Mommy went back to work 2 weeks ago (boo), we were a little late taking Aiden's 3 month pictures, so he's actually 3 1/2 months in these pictures. You might not think it matters, but my mom and sister see him once or twice a week and every time they see him they think he's grown and changed in just a few days. It really is amazing just how much he's changed in just a few short months.

At 3 months Aiden is:

  • Getting bigger every day. I don't know his weight and length because he hasn't been measured since his 2 month check, but I'm guessing he's around 13-14 pounds.
  • Starting to outgrow his 3 month clothes. He's started wearing 3-6 month sizes and I'm guessing 6 month sizes aren't far off.
  • Is getting stronger and stronger.
  • Holds his head up pretty well and lifts it high when he's on his tummy.

  • Is trying really hard to crawl. He was doing this inchworm thing before, but now he's starting to use his hands.
  • Rolled over from front to back one time a couple nights ago. He's been rolling to his side since the day he was born and likes to hang out there, but doesn't seem too interested in going all the way over from back to front.
  • Scoots himself with his legs while he's on his back.
  • Arches his back when he doesn't want to be sit down somewhere.
  • Mysteriously ends up facing a different direction in the pack and play when he gets up in the middle of the night.

  • Blows bubbles all the time.
  • He also really likes to play with his tongue and hang it out of his mouth. It's pretty funny.
  • Has started clasping his hands together in front of him.
  • Wants to be held facing forward, so he doesn't miss any action.
  • Coos a lot and tries to imitate us.
  • Has the cutest little laugh.
  • Loves to be played with, the sillier the better.
  • Looks like a cabbage patch doll with his bald head (he's not really bald, but it's all blond peach fuzz on top and long dark hairs in the back, so he also looks like an old man).

  • Had been hanging out in the bumbo and vibrating seat.
  • Is interested in toys and is doing a good job at grabbing and holding them.
  • Puts everything in his mouth and chomps.
  • Is a blanket boy. He loves to hold blankets and towels and burp rags, but really loves his monkey blanket.
  • Is being bottle fed while mom is at work and nursed when I'm home and is still eating about every 3 hours.
  • Has gone from sleeping nice 6 hour stretches back to getting up every 3-4 hours (just as mommy went back to work). Hoping this is temporary and due to a growth spurt or changes in his routine.
  • Has had to get used to hanging out with daddy (and Dindy and Auntie Kellie) all day while mom is at work.
  • Is always happy to see me when I get home.
  • Looks more and more like mommy, but has his daddy's facial expressions.
  • Has a little dimple on one cheek.
  • Is the cutest little pumpkin you ever did see!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Precious Time

Tomorrow begins my last week of maternity leave. I can't believe how quickly time has gone by. I am not ready to go back to work. I have to go back and it will be ok, but I will be sad to leave my short time as a stay at home mom behind. I will miss my little guy so much. So very much.

As I reflect on my short time left at home, I think

My house is a mess.
My to do list is long.
I haven't finished his room.
I made little progress on my recent plan to switch Shawn's work space mess with my craft room.
His blanket is not done.
The two boxes full of projects for my classroom barely got touched.
I haven't scrapped a single baby picture, though I've taken a million of them.

but, none of that matters. I know the time I spent holding and cuddling and playing were well worth it. I'll never get those tiny baby days back and I'm glad I enjoyed them. I'm so thankful I've had 3 months of full time Aiden.

We have 7 more days together before I go back to work and though my week is filling up fast, you can bet I'll be every free minute cuddling and playing and soaking it all up.

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