Sunday, June 14, 2015

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday Thankfuls

Today I am thankful for:

* Music therapy Thursday
* A classroom stash of M&Ms
* One less student (it's been a long week and I'll take all the help I can get)
* Creativity
* This kiddo, who makes my heart melt all the time.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday 10

Once again I am attempting to resurrect the blog.  I haven't blogged in months and months, but lately I've been missing it.  My goal for February was to get the blog back up and running.  Nothing like waiting till the last minute....I would like to get back to regular blogging.  I'd like to update and rearrange the blog. I'd like to add new content...we'll see...

I figure the Tuesday 10 is the perfect way to return to blogging, as it once was a favorite feature of mine. Here goes:

1. Tonight for dinner I cooked this amazing dish (minus the pancetta of course) and heated up some Rosemary Pea Risotto I made a couple nights ago.  I may have eaten almost an entire pound of brussel sprouts on my own (so delicious), while my child picked out all of the peas from his risotto and proceeded to ask for more peas, only frozen. Yes, he likes frozen peas, in their frozen state. It started as a teething soother, but now he requests them.  Strange I know. This crazy vegetable eater is clearly my child.

2. Tuesdays are generally the most difficult day in my classroom. Add to that a full moon and well, today was not my favorite.  I may have just finished a bowl of this. Kind of negates the pound of brussel sprouts doesn't it. 

3. I may have put my pajamas on at 6:30 tonight and was really tempted to climb in bed as soon as Aiden fell asleep.  Too bad I needed to wash diapers (and eat ice cream). As soon as the load is finished, I am climbing in bed with my kindle app.

4. I stayed up way too late last night reading this book.  I'm reading this book with a whole bunch of ladies for the Insta Book Nerds book club, a book club formed entirely on instagram.  Nerdy, yet awesome, right? The first couple chapters were a little slow, but now I'm totally sucked in.  Good choice for our first book.

5. I am attempting to catch up with Project Life.  I've moved into February now, so that's a start.  It would be nice to actually stay on top of it this year, but I'm not sure how that will go....Studio Calico project life kits are helping. My little monthly box helps the inspiration.

6. Speaking of projects....I really have way too many work in progress projects. I've got three projects on needles (although I've already finished two this year!), several pages of a quiet book for Aiden started, PL 2013, 2012 and 2011 to work on, my One Little Word album, Aiden's baby book...and that's only crafty projects.  I've got work projects galore and don't even get me started on the list for the house. If only I had more hours in the day or needed less sleep.

7. Aiden's Easter outfit arrived today. Thank you BOGO President's Day sale and 20% coupon at Carters. Minus the jeans (which we already have) and the boat shoes, though I totally should order those. Adorable right? He'll need a fedora too, don't you think?

8.  My child is ready for spring in the clothes department.  Me on the other hand, I could use an update.  I've been slowly purging clothes, bedding, crafty stuff and the like. I am so tired of a lot of my stuff.  I'm in need of a good shopping spree.  If only I had time and more money....

9. I also desperately want new bedding.  Seriously bored with my bedroom.  I want something fun and springy. It has to go with muted minty walls though because I am not painting...though that would be fun if someone else did the work for me....I've been visualizing some bright blues and yellows and have been eying this, but I also think something totally different like this would be fun.  Although a fun, modern quilt like this would be awesome too. Any ideas?

10. I am also in need of a massage. And a facial. And a haircut.  I actually have gift certificates for a massage and a facial, if only I could find the time to use them.  Chances is are though the haircut will happen first.  Aiden needs one too.  I've been cutting it myself, but am not totally sure what to do with the front of his hair.  Plus, he's got these crazy cowlicks and cute little curls and I'd hate to screw it up.

Here's to more blogging in the near future.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

And Just Like That

Yesterday I said goodbye to 34 and hello to 35.

At 34, I: became a working mama; planned my first kiddo birthday party; watched my baby learn to crawl; learn to talk and learn to walk; became obsessed with instagram, colored pants and all things striped; became a regular chai tea drinker; travelled to Chicago, Oregon and San Diego; fell off the blogging and crafting wagon; stopped watching tv; celebrated Aidens first Halloween, Christmas and birthday; made a lot of baby food and devoted a large portion of my life to nursing the babe; started ans stopped project life yet again; spent far too much time on pinning and not enough doing; started the never ending kitchen remodel; went to farmers markets and flea markets; took a lot of walks pushing a stroller or pulling a wagon; took thousands of photos of the worlds cutest baby; welcomed several babies into the world; took more trips to Ikea than I can count; spent hours and hours pushing a swing; planned and co-hosted a baby shower; ate Greek yogurt, granola and apples almost everyday; went to the zoo, the children's museum and the library; painted some fabulous fourth of July nails; lived out of a suitcase for far too long; had a lot of ups and downs and experienced a lot of heartache; became that mom that makes everything homemade; celebrated small student successes; came up with a few plans; decided to make the best of things; became even more independent; ate a lot of great meals; and received more cuddles and hugs and kisses than I ever thought possible.

At 35, I will: finish Aidens baby blanket; return to project life; read more; actually use the things I pin; make big decisions; purge and de-clutter; work on Aidens baby book; take more walks and push more swings; watch my baby turn two; go on more outings; exercise more; spend less; take some classes; cook new things; listen to more music; spend time outside; meet some babies; create new rituals with Aiden; make stuff; blog more regularly; use what I have; buy more local; rest; and spent time with friends and family.

hello 35!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Around Here

Right now I am:

Loving fall break and the extra time to spend with Aiden.

Wanting to get back to blogging and crafting.

Thinking about the future and where my life is headed.

Investigating lots of learning opportunities lately. I seem to be craving knowledge, growth and learning right now.

Eating nothing exciting. I'm bored with food and meals lately and haven't been doing a lot of real cooking.

Watching Aiden grow and change so quickly. Loving the adventure that is motherhood. Wanting desperately to savor and remember every little detail.

Wishing for cooler weather and all that it brings with it. I can't wait to wear boots and tights and sweaters.

Needing to make some major life decisions and struggling with the how's and the whys and the what ifs.

Anticipating the pumpkin wonderland that is October. My favorite month with pumpkins and Halloween and cooler weather and pumpkin treats and fall and did I mention pumpkin?


Friday, June 22, 2012

Thursday Thankful

Because I need something positive to focus on, Thursday thankfuls return. Today I am thankful for a summer full of this adorable boy:

Monday, June 18, 2012

Summertime Summertime

Once again I have fallen of the blogging wagon. Like many things I used to spend my time doing (scrapbooking, knitting, tv watching...), blogging hasn't been high on my priority list recently; but, I've been thinking about blogging, does that count? It is officially summer for me (has been for about 3 weeks now), so I'm hoping I can start a regular blogging routine again.

Life's a bit unusual right now though and blogging often falls to the bottom of my list, so we'll see.... I've got plenty of things to blog about, since I haven't updated in months. Stay tuned for a recap of Aiden's 9-11 months, pictures and stories from a trip to OR, pictures of a fun baby shower, a kitchen remodel, the return of Tuesday 10 and Thursday thankfuls and hopefully some project life updates. In the mean time, I've been meaning to jump on the summer list/summer manifesto bandwagon. I don't want a to do list that will stress me out (I've already got that one on perpetual update in my head), so I've decided to do a list of things I'm looking forward to this summer. For documentations sake, I've decided to include things I've already enjoyed this summer. I've been on summer break for awhile now and already enjoyed some great things. So, without further ado, the summer list:

spending time with Aiden
travels to OR
hanging with Jessie, Nicole and families
co-hosting a baby shower
welcoming new babies (one, Miss Vivi, has already arrived)
summer fruit
homemade popsicles
toes and fingers painted in fun colors
gin and tonics
lots of Aiden snuggles
homemade popsicles
homemade ice cream
Aiden's first birthday
planning a first birthday party
project life catch up
reading a book (or two) for fun
tackling my to read magazine pile
blog surfing
kitchen remodel
new floors
organizing, purging, updating
enjoying time with friends and family

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