Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Usual

Well this weekend has been the standard no plans weekend. Worked on Saturday than met up with my mom and sister for lunch at Orange Table. The food was yummy and we enjoyed some delicious mojitos as well! I got home after 4pm and did the usual laundry and cleaning routine. Saturday night was supposed to be a date night, but I was tired and Shawn was doing goodness knows what on his new laptop for hours and hours. I'm a little jealous of this new laptop...its pretty cool and he seems to enjoy spending time with it more than least I get his old laptop, which means I know longer have to lug around my terribly heavy, seriously slow ancient Dell laptop when I want to do paperwork during the day. We all know this happens so often! I am however excited to have a new laptop with Wi-Fi so that I can spend even more time on the internet than I already do!

Today was spent reading the newspaper, doing lots of stuff for work, paying bills, finishing laundry and going grocery shopping at my new favorite "get everything done all at once" spot, Super Target. I love the new Super Target! It is a bit dangerous though, because I can waste money at Target buying things I don't need but have to have a little too easily. Grocery prices are good though and it saves me my separate lists of Target items and grocery store items. I mean seriously, where else can you buy clothes, furniture, scrap supplies, groceries and dollar bin goodies all in one place?

Now I'm off to finish making dinner, write thank you notes and sit with my knitting in front of my Sunday night TV shows.


Anilu Magloire November 5, 2007 at 9:44 AM  

Enjoy the knitting ant the shows.
I LOVE the banner!! Beautiful.

Andrea November 8, 2007 at 5:33 PM  

And the clouds rolled back and the heavens rejoiced .... AHHHH, SUPER TARGET!!

There is a wonderful rumor going around this area that we'll have one (about 15 minutes from me) in the next year. And I thought Wal*Mart was dangerous compared to a "regular" grocery store ... HAHAHAHAHA!

Sounds like a good weekend!

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